15 June 2008

Oh deary me... the countdown begins again!

Heavens above! My goodness, dear reader, I did not expect to see you there! My oh my, how it warms the cockles of my heart to see you faithfully returning after I abandoned you so for many months now.

We have been busy generally saving lives (by email), and studying in order to fill our brain with uselessful knowledge in order to improve our standing in the world.

But lo! In just over one month's time, we are indeed glad to report that Eurotrash will be once again hitting the road - and this time, circumnavigating the globe! From 19 July we shall be leaving Sydney (running, screaming, away from Sydney as World Youth Day descends, some may say...) for the shores of the United States for the first time! We shall be visiting the land of the Golden Gate, followed by the heartland of the Midwest (!!) and on to La Pomme Grande.

Onwards from the Land of The Fre akin Weirdos e, we shall descend once more upon Scandinavia - alighting in Helsinki, home of the Eurotrash Pilgrimage of 2007, and then on to Stockholm and Oslo where we shall indeed be residing until December!

After finishing in Oslo, we shall be making our way across to Asia - visiting Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta before returning home to our fair city of Canberra. And real life.

It's going to be quite a journey, and we are certainly in for an enthralling ride... as will YOU be dear reader! Oh how excited I am to be bringing you along on this journey with us!! My thighs are trembling so violently with excitement that I fear they may soon slap me in the face.

Enough excitement for now - I must get back to pouring out all sorts of information from my head and onto the page in the form of a terribly exciting university essay.


Let the adventures begin!

With much love,