12 September 2007

Trash back on board!

Apologies, dear reader, for having abandoned you so.
We have, unforunately, become just so slightly addicted to this website... However, we do fully intend to satiate your desire for more trash and will be back on line wholeheartedly once again in the not-too-distant future!

What indeed prompted our return to this humble site was three-fold:
(1) She of Channel Ten News, impersonating an East German transexual!

We were momentarily stunned tonight when we had the telebox on and the Channel Ten late night news rolled on through, and the doyenne of faux pas-es bumbled on to our screen. Yes, whilst Sandra Sully was telling is that a potential tsunami was to hit our shores tonight and devastate the coasts ravaged by a tsunami only 3.5 years ago, all we could think of was:

Golly gosh, Sandra's hair is getting mightily big these days (unfortunately not adequately demonstrated in this picture)

[and then add in extra hair flick which was viewed on our screen tonight]... and you get this:

And then, it's only one short step to this:

YES! This is Hedwig - lead character of Hedwig and the Angry Inch: a brilliant musical about the misfortune of Hedwig, formerly a young East German boy who tried to become a woman out of love for an American soldier; Hedwig later ended up a rock star in the back blocks of Kansas leading others to stardom. Brilliant. It really is. We do encourage you to see it. However, it does raise our suspicions (again!) that Sandra Sully really is a man!!

(2) A certain musical genius introducing us to the world of SCHLAGER!

Yes dear reader, this kind gent came to our place the other eve and shared with us his passion for schlager and made us love him so - he showed us a whole new world, shining shimmering splendid... He popped our schlager cherry and showed us the kind of fabulous, magical pop music that is generated by the wonderful land of SWEDEN. Good times.

From our thorough introduction to this cultural artform, we have deduced the following.

If you wish to succeed in Swedish pop, THIS implement will assist you greatly:

Yes! A hair straightener is all you need!! One application with this implement, and your hot blonde locks will get you looking like this:


(3) EuroTrash will VERY SOON be back on European soil!

Yes indeed, EuroTrash's employer is (foolishly) sending us back to Europe for working purposes! We shall be there for just over a week or so, but much will be achieved - the highlight of which is the anticipated stalking of a major Hollywood star who now lives in Europe... and we are certainly hoping that he is now a bisexual polygamist so that he may marry several of us (of both genders) simultaneously!

We mean, that he marries us simultaneously - not that we are of several genders simultaneously on an individual basis.

And that, pathetically, is all EuroTrash has to offer for now, gentle reader. We do thank you for your patience; stay tuned for ACTUAL European adventures SOON!



PS: Adding 'Sitemeter' to our little ole blogspot has been quite revealing indeed! Whilst our entry on Jordan/Katie Price has remained up on the front page of this site, we have found that the OVERWHELMING number of visitors to this page have been people searching on Google for "Katie Price Love Heart Tattoo".

Oh dear.

Sex Porn Lesbian Gay Smear Spooge Smadge Flaps XXX Britney-Comeback Minge Boutros-Boutros-Ghali Pubic

Hmm. Perhaps these words will assist in generating more hits to this page. Oh yes, we freely admit that we are a site-hits whore.

Adieu - see you in a few days, in SWITZERLAND!